Printing Industry


For this particular application, we offer you several solutions for the inspection of global print quality on numerous surfaces such as plastic, paper, carton, etc..

We can inspect the imprint quality (print and/or images), color quality(variations/hue), the presence of the actual print, etc..

We also offer inspection of different types of bar codes related to the print industry.

System Benefits:

Reduce substrate waste. DetectPrint sends a warning to the production operator, in real time, as soon as something goes wrong, reducing waste much earlier in the process.


Reduce or eliminate customer returns. DetectPrint helps eliminate costly customer returns and build customer loyalty, reducing costs for you and your customer.


Generate additional orders.   High quality products = loyal customers, increasing the likelihood of new and repeat orders.



Improve substrate quality.   DetectPrint contributes to your delivery of a high quality, reliable product your customers can count on, contributing to giving your company a competitive edge.