Plastic film, Roofing shingles, Aluminium


This category is our speciality.

We offer various solutions which enable you to detect defects on the surface of your product (bubbles, holes, streaks holes, etc.)

We also measure with precision (as per your specifications), several details that will help you better control your product during production (width and length of the product, the presence of seal on the bags, etc).

All the accumulated data of the system can be transmitted to you in the format of your choice, such as;  data base, file, imput/output, etc.

System benefits

Reduce substrate waste. DetectFilm sends a warning to the production operator, in real time, as soon as something goes wrong, reducing waste much earlier in the process.


Reduce or eliminate customer returns. DetectFilm helps eliminate costly customer returns and build customer loyalty, reducing costs for you and your customer.


Generate additional orders.   High quality products = loyal customers, increasing the likelihood of new and repeat orders.


Optimize plastic dye maintenance.   DetectFilm detects gels and black spots quickly, in real time, assisting the maintenance manager to effectively schedule dye cleaning and reduce down time on the production line.


Improve substrate quality.   DetectFilm contributes to your delivery of a high quality, reliable product your customers can count on, contributing to giving your company a competitive edge.



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