Established in Laval, Canada, since 1999 by specialized engineers, Detect Vision has developed a profound knowledge and sound expertise in the field of numerical vision technology and automation.

We specialize in visual inspection systems that detect defects, including color variations, of flat surfaces 

Our turnkey systems function in real-time

continuous mode to inspect 100% of products.                                               

The Detect Vision team has acquired several years of experience in the management and realization of vision technology systems in numerous fields.  We bring specific solutions to every customers' needs and requirements even in harsh environmental conditions.

All our systems are delivered with a 100% guaranteed performance rate, within the customers tolerances inputed into the system. 

Detect Vision has the reputation of designing the perfect solution for all of our customers' problems and needs.  


If a turnkey system is not specific to your needs, we at Detect Vision offer other services such as consulting services and design and development of a specific section of your application/ machinery.  We also offer  feasability studies, should they b ...